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Current saddles just completed Click on image.  

 A new company that my wife started.                                                                                                              

  Handmade custom saddles
Whether you are looking for a Team Roping saddle, a Steer Roping saddle, a Cutting saddle, a Reining saddle, a Tripping saddle, or a calf Roping saddle, they all come with our saddletree that has a lifetime warranty against breakage in the normal use of the saddle. That is, if you run over it with a truck its not covered.

To see some of our saddles please take a stroll through our "Saddle Barn".

Got a broken Saddle tree?       Click here to get it repaired like new

  Our company History along with articles about leather and books, music, and gifts can be found in our "Book Room".

Need Info about Saddletrees and where you can get them, or repair broken saddletrees, check out the "Black Smith Shop".

Want to see a list of the latest stolen goods, check out what is hanging in the "Post Office"  

If you feel like tickling that funny bone of yours check out the "Humor" Page.

 . If you would like to see how a saddle is made, check out the photos in the "Book Room" 


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